Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer

NICEIC Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer?

There is a difference between the two, and it is complicated as it deals with time, qualifications and the level of competency

The NICEIC has 2 schemes that they offer

The first scheme is the ‘Domestic installer scheme’

The second is the ‘Approved contractor scheme’

But what does it matter if you pick one over the other? Will the electrician be any better?

Home improvements and electrical considerations

Susan, one of our potential local customers called us recently and wasn't sure if she had called at the wrong time of her project. Susan's project in her home was renovating her spare room into a home office where she runs her small business.

I would like to write today about the consideration that many of us overlook when carrying out these works. I am sure, like me, that you love to get the spare room ready for use, the decoration, the design and ambience coupled with the capacity it has in the home to make life just a little easier.